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Marine Prime Control System

The Open Automation Platform

We realize automation engineering applications with our flexible and open automation platform. The system is based on recognized industrial standards with perfectly matched hardware and software components. It is suitable for simple as well as complex applications:

  • Alarm, monitoring and control systems (AMCS)
  • Alarm extension system/duty alarm system
  • Propulsion control systems for ship propulsion
  • Emergency order telegraph systems


  • Open communication and programming standards (PLC conforming to IEC 61131 with CODESYS) ensure a high degree of flexibility and compatibility
  • Integrated web server with CODESYS Web Visualisation for fast and easy configuration 
  • Redundant bus systems (CANbus, Ethernet) ensure complete operational reliability
  • Many application-specific modular expansions for exceptional flexibility
  • Conforms to global shipbuilding standards Central control

Marine Prime AMCS 1000

Cost Effective, Computer based alarm, monitoring and control system

The AMCS 1000 is our solution for a cost-effective alarm, monitoring and control system. It is used to monitor and
control ship technology, such as engines, generators, pumps, valves, ventilators or other auxiliary system. 

The AMCS 1000 as a centralized system is based on two central PC master stations that are acquiring and monitoring
the measurement data from the connected I/O modules. It can be easily extended to customer requirements.

With up to 9,000 I/Os and features like trend tables and automatic and daily storage of the alarm history on hard disk, the system leaves sufficient space for different applications and thus, it is ideally suitable for both small data acquisition systems and complex alarm, monitoring and control systems. 

The optional alarm extension indicates the system status at any place on board the ship. Therefore, different display versions for accommodation and bridge are available.


  • Central and modular system, easily expandable for your application
  • Cost-effective due to components with standardized functionality
  • Redundant system communication 
  • Made for reliable operation under extreme conditions
  • Powerful alarm extension system: High-resolution displays for demanding graphical indication for bridge and accommodation
  • Customizable mimics
  • Worldwide service
  • Class approvals: ABS, BV, DNV-GL, LR


High Performance, PLC-based alarm, monitoring and control system

The AMCS 2000 is our alarm, monitoring and control system for high demands in operating comfort, usability, flexibility and system availability. It is used to monitor and control ship technology, such as engines, generators, pumps, valves, ventilators or other auxiliary systems. 

The AMCS 2000 is a PLC-based AMCS with decentrally placed subsystems. Each subsystem is operating independently with a high performance I/O CPU master and slave units and is connected to the other subsystems. The system can be easily adapted to customer requirements. With features like data logging, trend monitoring, alarm and event history and user right management, the system is ideally suitable for simple as well as sophisticated applications.

Furthermore, the system can be easily extended with remote access for automatic and secure data transfer and storage to onshore data services for analysing purposes. The optional alarm extension indicates the system status at any place on board the ship. Therefore, different display versions for accommodation and bridge are available.


  • Decentral and modular PLC-based system for maximum flexibility and failsafe operation
  • Robust, reliable and approved components
  • Easily expandable for your application
  • Easy-to-customise thanks to modular design
  • Customer-specific mimics
  • Integrated web server for remote access and secure data transfer
  • Powerful alarm extension system
  • Worldwide service
  • Class approvals: ABS, BV, DNV-GL, LR


The PRIME Propulsion System is a modular and flexible propulsion control system and our solution for fixed propeller, variable-pitch propeller, Azimuth and dieselelectric propulsion systems and various belt drive systems.

The system is based on the central control unit and I/O components of the PRIME automation platform. Several versions of the control desk are available for remote propulsion control on the bridge, aft bridge and wing control stands. Each control desk can be expanded with various operator control panels and can be easily adapted to any customer-specific application or requirement. All system components are interconnected by state-of-the-art field
bus technology. The redundant bus concept of the control desk ensures maximum operational reliability.


  • For all types of thruster systems
  • Can be adapted to any propulsion application
  • Integrated protection to prevent engine overloading
  • Defined control programs for various operating modes
  • Integrated NFU control
  • Interfaces with external systems (e.g. VDR, IBS, etc.)
  • Integrated touch panel display for user-friendly configuration and monitoring
  • Easy installation
  • Maximum availability backed by worldwide service
  • Optionally available with additional functions: Load distribution, electronic synchronisation, start-stop logic, connection to dynamic positioning and joystick systems, etc.


Emergency order telegraph system

The AEGIR-Marine PRIME EOT is an emergency communication system used to transfer vital commands between
the wheelhouse and engine room fast and reliably. 

Up to 12 emergency engine order telegraphs can be integrated in a master-slave Configuration. Different versions are available for the bridge (ahead/astern) and engine room or engine control room. Each emergency order telegraph is equipped with 11 order buttons. When an order button is pressed on a master unit on the bridge, the order is signalled visually by the corresponding button flashing and acoustically by an integrated buzzer on the slave devices in the machine room or machine control room. The order must then be confirmed by pressing the flashing order button on the slave unit.


  • Robust devices for use in harsh environments
  • Different versions for different applications
  • Up to 12 emergency order telegraphs in one system
  • Visual and audible alarm triggering
  • Operating status indicator on each unit
  • Dimmable lighting for bridge units
  • 6 floating relay outputs per unit, e.g. for Wrong Way
  • Alarm or for connecting external buzzers
  • Connection to the Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)

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